Designer Envisions 2012 Fiat Dino

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After being discontinued in 2000, Fiat has been without a coupe. But for British designer Peter Norris, the idea of reincarnating the affordable Fiat coupe seemed like a good challenge. The result is a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive luxury sports car that's meant to embody an ideal Italian coupe. Wait, luxury? Unlike that old Fiat coupes, which was affordable, Norris has envisioned something that's intended to be more of a successor to the 1960's rear-wheel-drive Fiat Dino.

This would be instead of the aforementioned front-wheel-drive coupe that was originally designed by Chris Bangle back in the 90s. Judging by these concept drawings, Norris's coupe would feature a sleek profile and a low roofline, along with an aggressive stance and large wheel arches. The front end is somewhat reminiscent of modern Aston Martins. The rear would have headlights that incorporate LED light units along with central exhaust pipes. Norris took into account what famed Italian design house Pininfarina would have done if they were styling an actual production Fiat coupe.

Norris's result is full of Italian flare and luxury, as opposed to a budget sports car. As far as we know, Fiat is not looking to build a reborn coupe at the moment, so Norris's design is simply a "what if" type of thing.

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