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Designer’s Job Application Creates Modern Porsche 928

921 Vision Concept was submitted to Porsche as part of Anthony Colard’s application to work there.

Although the Porsche 928 was one of the company’s mostcontroversial designs when it was first introduced in 1978, it has grown to become atimeless classic, boosting design elements that were never repeated on any ofPorsche’s models. Looking to revive the legend while also clinching a job withthe company, designer Anthony Colard came up with this awesome modern take onthe classic 928, a design study nicknamed the Porsche 921 Vision Concept.

While Colard’s website doesn't tell us whether he actuallygot the job, it does detail a lot of elements embedded in the car’s design,which was imagined as a front-mounted, V8-powered, 400 horsepower autobahncruiser. Colard gave the car 928-inspired head and taillights and a four-seatconfiguration in an aluminum body design, all with slick and simple body workand sans any sophisticated wings. The result is quite stunning, and we reallyhave our fingers crossed, hoping this guy landed the job.

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