Designing An MC20 On Maserati's New Online Configurator Is Much Better Than Before

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You can now actually waste a few minutes designing your dream car.

Maserati North America recently announced its new website. Usually, we wouldn't care, but the old website was a design nightmare. According to Maserati, the new website features "fresh, design-forward sections and carefully curated resources."

The website is split into three main sections. The Brand section gives you the history and values of the brand, amazing stories related to its cars, experiences you can join in on, and a bunch of Maserati merchandise in case you can't actually afford to buy any of its wheeled products.

Once you've built your ideal car, the Ownership tab provides easy access to pre-owned vehicles, service bookings, the Maserati Club, and financial services.

Maserati Maserati Maserati

That brings us neatly to the Models section. Maserati's old configurator was a nightmare, but the new one is miles better.

The configurators for the all-new GranTurismo and Fuoriserie electric vehicles aren't live yet, but you can play around with the rest of them, including the MC20 and MC20 Cielo.

Since we like the idea of hearing the Nettuno V6's soundtrack unfiltered, we opted for the drop-top. You get a large view of the car and all the available options to the side. It's so much better than the previous version, where you had to spend several minutes browsing through several confusing packages before actually getting a glimpse of the vehicle.

Maserati Maserati

It would be such a waste of time not to play around with it for a while, so here's our idea of the perfect MC20 Cielo.

The 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 that produces 621 horsepower is standard across the range. The color palette is only seven colors strong, which is disappointing compared to the endless options you get from other supercar manufacturers. You have to dip into the Special Series model range to get something unique.

We chose Grigio Incognito (grey) because the Mazer's beautiful lines appear to fade underneath a dark shade. Couple it with 20-inch carbon fiber wheels and Gloss Red brake calipers, and you have something that's both elegant and aggressive.

Maserati says it will continue to add more features to the website, which likely includes a complete configurator for the GranTurismo. For now, waste a few minutes building your dream ideal MC20.

Maserati Maserati

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