Desperate? Cadillac Paying Customers to Test Drive

Aiming to “get people’s seats in seats.”

In a move that can only be compared to that kid who brings candy to school to try and make some friends, Cadillac recently announced an incentive program to get people into dealerships for test drives. Whether it's the GM recall debacle or just the company’s offerings, March deliveries fell 6.3 percent and fleet sales crashed a whopping 50 percent after a rental agreement fell through. Caddy’s US vice president for sales said the offer is “our way of trying to reach out and get people.”

The company will provide $100 Visa prepaid gift cards to anyone over 21, with a valid license and proof of insurance who owns a non-GM car from 2004 or newer. That’s just for coming in and driving one, yeah? They’ll also give you an extra $1,500 incentive if you actually decide to buy a Cadillac. We really hope Caddy can make some friends soon.

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