Despite Being Screwed Over By The Chinese Tesla Might Build Its Cars There

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After what China's done to it??

Remember that Chinese Tesla Model S copycat from a few months ago? And the fact that the Chinese think that they can build better EVs than Tesla? It seems Tesla will counter these actions by possibly building cars in China within two years. This could help drop prices of the Model S by a third; the VAT tax and duties would be cut. Tesla is already working with Baidu, the country's largest search engine, for GPS data so why not? If Tesla produces cars in China, the EV company can drastically increase sales there.

This sounds good and all, but will Tesla really build its cars in China? If it's for more sales, then we think that China is a good place to start. The Model S is luxurious, quiet and has lots of space. These three features are what Chinese drivers look for in luxury cars. Look at the long-wheelbase hybrid Audi A6 just for the Chinese market. Like the Audi, the Model S has all three of these features. Will Tesla make a long wheelbase edition just for the Chinese market and build them in that country? Should the EV company build cars there at all? Let us know in the comments.

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