Despite Hopes, No ELR-V for Cadillac

But Caddy will “expand the tuning envelope” for the hybrid.

It may have been far-fetched, but given the awesome looks ofthe plug-in hybrid, many Cadillac fans were hoping to see a high-performanceversion of the ELR – an ELR-V perhaps – in the future. This imagined car would join theCadillac CTS-V, which has been an important model in reshaping the luxury brand’sperformance image, and the upcoming ATS-V, which will be powered by a3.6-liter V6 producing 425 horsepower and joined later by a higher-power ATS-V+ with a V8.

But how would Cadillac pull off a performance hybrid likethe nixed ELR-V? Speaking with Mark Reuss, Driving the Nation asked whether anELR with magnetic ride control could do the trick. Ruess said that such asolution would drain too much power from the hybrid coupe and eat away at itsrange. He did, however, promise that GM would “expand the tuning envelope” forthe car, but did not elaborate any more. For now, (the few) ELR buyers will have to settle for its 207 hp electric motor and $75,000 price tag.

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