Despite Trash Talking Ford, GM Plans To Make Trucks Out Of Aluminum

Wait, didn't Chevy say aluminum F-150s were weak?!

GM has had a lot of fun trashing the new aluminum F-150. Chevrolet created a ridiculous commercial staring a “real” grizzly bear to show how much stronger its steel trucks were than Ford’s pickup soda cans. Well, now it’s looking like GM will eventually walk back all that crap talking. Company sources tell Reuters that the next generation of GM trucks and SUVs will make use of lightweight materials, such as lightweight steel and aluminum. Yes, the much-derided aluminum will soon be in GM's trucks.

The news comes hot on the heels of GM investing $877 million to freshen up its truck plant in Flint, Michigan. GM is planning to overhaul its three US truck plants so that when the switch to the new materials, expected in 2018, is made production won’t have to stop. You’ll remember that’s what happened when Ford started making aluminum F-150s. 2018 is a long way away, and by that time fixing aluminum trucks will likely be cheaper to fix and as safe or safer than steel models. A truck's MPG rating is important because the government says so, which means the 2019 Silverado could be more aluminum than lightweight steel.

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