Despite The Refreshed Camaro, Chevy Is Badly Losing The Muscle Car War

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Hopefully the ZL1 will turn things around for Chevy.

Enthusiasts might see the muscle car wars as a battle over quarter-mile drag times, horsepower figures, and (nowadays) lap times, but things are different when looking through the lens of the automakers. They prefer to see the competition as a battle of popularity, and on that front, only sales numbers are used to dictate who wins. Most recently, the Chevrolet Camaro was refreshed after Ford had just upped the ante with the groundbreaking new Mustang. Both cars left the outdated Challenger in the dust where it'll live until it gets refreshed.

Aimed at the masses and tuned for the race track, the new 'Stang has managed to reclaim the trophy of top seller from Chevy after the reborn Camaro stole it away from 2010 to 2014 with its good looks. Unfortunately, Chevy's hard work has not given the brand the results it was hoping for. Midway through the year, the Mustang has outsold the Camaro by 21,324 cars. However, the reality of the situation is that there are many reasons why Ford is beating Chevy and it doesn't all have to do with the fact that the Blue Oval is more popular or that the Mustang is objectively the better car. For one, the cheapest Ford Mustang is cheaper than the base Camaro. When it comes to V8s the Camaro can be up to $4,000 more expensive.

Adding insult to injury, incentives for the Mustang are higher than those on the Camaro, lowering the Mustang's price by another $1,000. Next, it is important to look at the fact that Chevy is stubbornly holding out from selling its Camaro off to rental fleets while Ford is happily doing so and reaping the profits. These US sales numbers are in accordance to the general trend of the Mustang's sales because the pony car has recently been given the crown of the most popular sports car in the world. Ford built the Mustang with intentions of having it appeal to fans in the US and abroad. For now the plan seems to be working.

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