Detailing A Lamborghini Countach Is As Crazy As You'd Expect

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A hand wash on a sunny afternoon just won't cut it with a Countach.

Anyone who hand washes their cars (which we're assuming is quite a lot of you) will know just how time-consuming a job it can be under the best circumstances. To do the job properly without cutting corners it can take the better part of an hour, and considerably longer than that if you go into the finer details. As a result, quite a few people with rather special vehicles tend to let professionals do the job for them. Evo Magazine founder Harry Metcalfe trusts a private company to clean his Countach.

This isn't your bog standard clean with chamois leathers and supermarket own brand waxes, though. A special car like a Lamborghini Countach QV deserves an equally lavish treatment. From using certain products and cleaning tools to maintain the originality of the car (right down to preserving the original wax cover that protects the more exposed intricate metal components), to precision power washes of the engine bay and even measuring the depth of the paintwork to determine how much buffing and polishing can be done, the whole process removes as many blemishes as possible whilst keeping everything as authentic and as pristine as possible.

The decision to have the detail clean the Countach does have a purpose beyond making the car look incredible. Mr. Metcalfe will be entering this Lambo into the upcoming Salon Prive Concours, so the QV will need to be as spotless as possible in order to win over the judges. Which, based on what's shown in the video below, we're certain it will.

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