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Exclusive to Europe, the Honda Civic Type R will come with a new 250hp turbocharged 1.6-liter four when it breaks cover in 2015.

Honda CEO Takanobu Ito recently confirmed the next-gen Civic Type R would go on sale in 2015, announcing that Honda wanted it to be the fastest front-wheel-drive car around the Nurburgring, a record currently held by Renaultsport. At the time no details were disclosed, but now some juicy information has materialized via Auto Express. Citing an unnamed inside source, the British publication asserts that the new Type R will be powered by a brand-new 1.6-liter turbocharged, direct-injection engine with over 250hp on tap.

An eight-speed dual-clutch transmission is also said to be under development for the hot hatch that aims to weigh in at less than 1,200kg. American readers look away now, because the new Civic Type R is being developed specifically for Europe, incorporating lessons the Japanese carmaker learned in winning the 2012 BTCC Championship. In other Type R news, sources claim a Type R version of the Civic estate is in the cards with a new body style to debut in concept form next year. Chances that this will make it Stateside, however, are even slimmer.

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