2011 Detroit Auto Show

Detriot 2011: Just Stop Calling It MINI

We would like to start by saying that we completely understand why BMW likes having an entry-level brand in their corporate family. It makes excellent business sense. The problem is that the company is still called MINI even though the last two concepts we've seen have been crossovers. The latest is the Paceman, a two-door, sportier version of the Countryman crossover. It isn't a bad looking vehicle; it just doesn't seem very MINI.

BMW continues to insist that neither of these vehicles are actually crossovers, but we're having a hard time thinking of how they would be classified if they aren't. Power comes from MINI's 1.6 turbocharged inline four-cylinder, and is sent to each of the four wheels via the ALL4 permanent all-wheel-drive system also found in the Countryman. In the end, it is a tall two-door that is smaller than an X6, we just aren't convinced that makes it a MINI.

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