Detroit 2011: Fiat 500 and Chrysler 200 to Receive Mopar Treatment

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Mopar is showing its face once again as two new cars have premiered at the Detroit Motor Show bearing Chrysler's famous accessorized marquee name. The 2011 Chrysler 200, already having gone through a significant mid-life refresh (a complete redesign would have been even better), is now offered with Mopar bits, now dubbed the 200 Super S. The car has been dropped three inches and has a black and tungsten paint job.

The body is also updated with several new pieces such as a lower chin and rear decklid spoilers. The car rides on a set of 19-inch and features a gloss black mesh grille, moss black molding, and aero sill cladding. Will any of this help in the styling department? A bit, but it's still just a Sebring to us. Perhaps the most interesting newly tuned Mopar is the 2012 Fiat 500. It comes complete with similar exterior styling bits featuring chrome trim and a blacked-out exterior.

The interior features katzkin leather (black with blue accents) and various other carbon fiber accents. Underneath the skin is a Mopar strut tower brace that stiffens the overall structure.

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