Detroit Electric Building World's Fastest Electric Sports Car

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Still not quite Veyron fast.

There are a couple of reasons you might be thinking that you've seen this before. Detroit Electric was a carmaker started in 1906, but ultimately put out of business by the Ford Model T. The name has been revived, and a prototype of a new electric sports car was rolled out last year. Well, we say new, but it was technically just an electrified Lotus Elise. But this new car, called the SP:01, promises to be the fastest electric sports car in the world.

The SP:01 boasts a 0-60 mph time of 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph. The battery pack provides a range of 180 miles, although probably not quite that much if you're up in the area of 155 mph a lot. Interestingly, there is the option of a manual transmission, quite a rare and baffling thing for an electric car. The styling has been tweaked enough that you should be able to tell it apart from both the Tesla Roadster and the actual Elise, which is good for marketing purposes. But will it be able to compete with Tesla? No way to tell, at least not at first, since production will be limited to 999 units.

Detroit Electric
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