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Detroit Electric SP:01 Entering Production This Year

The American-based company will build its sports car in the Netherlands.

Almost one year after it was initially revealed, the DetroitElectric SP:01 sports car has finally been green-lighted for production later this year. Theelectric vehicle, powered by two 36-kWh lithium-polymer batteries and one ACelectric motor, will be built in Holland and heavily based on thecurrent-generation Lotus Elise. It too will feature a mid-engine layout and afully-independent front and rear suspension system and front anti-roll bar borrowed fromthe Lotus.

The three motors will produce 201 horsepower and 166 lb-ftof torque, allowing the lightweight car to accelerate from 0-62mph in 3.7-secondsbefore reaching a top speed of 155mph. The reason for its European production,according to the company’s PR firm, is “supply chain logistics”, which “dictatedthat the assembly operations for the limited production run of that vehiclehave currently have to be located just in Europe”. Fair enough, but maybethey should call it Amsterdam Electric?

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