Detroit's EV Truck War Is Going To Be Brutal

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GM's CEO takes a swipe at a certain cross-town rival.

Chevrolet will unveil the highly anticipated Silverado EV next month at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Expectations are understandably high. But should rivals like Ford and Rivian and, come 2024, Ram be worried? General Motors CEO Mary Barra definitely thinks so.

Speaking to CNBC late last week, Barra said the upcoming Silverado EV will be "unmatched" when it goes on sale in 2023. "I think when you see the timing that the Silverado will be available, and what that vehicle offers, I think is unmatched," Barra said. "I think that's going to make a big difference." Above all, the Silverado EV will "educate people on what you can do with an electric truck when you have an electric truck platform."

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In case you didn't already realize, Barra was taking a swipe at Ford with the latter comment. The F-150 Lightning is built on a heavily modified version of the same platform that underpins the combustion-powered F-150. The Silverado EV, by contrast, rides on the bespoke Ultium EV architecture that also underpins the new GMC Hummer EV.

Chevy is definitely paying close attention to its crosstown rival these days as Ford confirmed F-150 Lightning reservations have closed for the 2022 model year. Many reservation holders will have to wait until 2023 for delivery. Barra couldn't hide her bearish attitude towards EV technologies by emphasizing GM's leadership role.


"For an OEM of scale, we're first. Full stop," she said. "For start-ups that are only focused on one area, luxury segments, etc., those are obviously competitors that we treat very, very seriously, but when General Motors puts its scale, its highest loyalty in the United States across our brands, we have a lot of assets that we're going to bring to the party."

We don't know yet the exact scope of next month's reveal, like will Chevy spill the full beans on the Silverado EV or not? Chances are it'll be quite an extensive event because Barra and GM have a lot riding on this vehicle. And we can be sure the folks from Dearborn and Auburn Hills will be paying very close attention.

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