Devastating Flooding Strikes German Porsche Dealership

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This doesn't make for pretty viewing.

If you aren't keeping it in storage, the one place where you'd expect a new vehicle to be relatively safe from harm is on the premises of an official dealership. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. We've already seen the harrowing images of a BMW X5 crashing into a McLaren dealership and a random guy who intentionally drove his Toyota Yaris into a Porsche showroom, causing extensive damage. The latest new cars to be damaged weren't a result of human error but rather the force of Mother Nature. The devastating storms in Germany flooded a Porsche dealership and with it, several brand new Porsches.

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In a video being widely shared across social media, the Porsche Center in the city of Heilbronn is completely flooded and about nine Porsches parked outside were submerged to the point that their wheels were almost entirely covered. Even worse, several of these Porsche models appear to be brand new as they're still covered in protective stickers. The group includes a 911 Turbo, a Cayenne Coupe, and a Taycan EV. It's not known to what extent the cars were damaged but the result is unlikely to be pretty when the water finally dries up.

The Home Of Travellers/YouTube The Home Of Travellers/YouTube

Fortunately, a TikTok user named Alain Feld confirmed that all staff members were safe, which is a relief in catastrophic flooding that has already claimed over 150 lives in Germany. Considering the extent of the flooding outside the building, it's feasible that more Porsche models parked inside were damaged by the rising waters. Flooding has struck in other regions in the northern hemisphere recently. A storm hit a Detroit shipping yard in June, damaging many Jeeps and Dodges, and recent flash flooding in Arizona saw a Toyota Prius being dramatically washed away in a residential street by raging waters. For this German Porsche dealership, the cost of the damages is likely to be extensive.

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