Devel 16 5,000 HP? More Like 5,000 BS

“Made in Dubai” hypercar has a claimed top speed of 350 mph and 5,000hp on tap. Made in their dreams is more like it.

Beirut-based W Motors announcing 100 orders had been placed for its $3.4 million limited-edition supercar must have acted as the catalyst for this curious monstrosity that was just unveiled at the Dubai Motor Show. The Devel Sixteen’s claims of having 5,000 hp, a top speed of 350 hp and a 0-62 mph time of 1.8 seconds are plainly as fabricated as the insane body Shmee150 filmed at its official reveal. Just skip to the 1:00 mark, and watch as one of the guy’s wiping the car down moves some sort of aero part on the hood that looks to have been hurriedly stuck on just hours before.

In fact, the poor man’s Lamborghini Veneno reeks of a rushed job – just look at the back end! Moving inside and there’s no seatbelts, while the company’s own website fails to provide pictures or details. We'll believe this one when we see it, which will probably be sometime around never.

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