DFA: 458 Spider Wrecked in a Day

This week's Dumb F. Award goes to a Ferrari 458 Spider owner who managed to wreck his ride on the day it was bought.

As the old adage goes: "there are Ferrari owners and there are Ferrari drivers." This particular individual is the perfect example of the former having attempted a simple overtake in his brand-spanking-new Ferrari 458 Spider and ended up in a wreck up against the guard rail. According to Italian publication La Repubblica, the Ferrari was registered on the morning of the accident. By the time the police had arrived to survey the scene in southern Italy, the 550hp supercar and occupants had vanished into thin air.

The incident, however, was filmed by a passenger in the sedan the 458 was attempting to overtake. Enthusing about his beloved carmaker (note the Ferrari seatbelts in the back), the young cameraman only has eyes for the 458 throughout the lame overtaking maneuver and subsequent fail.

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