DFA: Drunk Driver Drives Destroyed Corolla

We've all seen plenty of Russian dash cam videos. Now get ready for one featuring a Toyota Corolla with its metal guts hanging out the back. Of course it's in Russia.

Should we expect anything less than stupid from the lens of a dash cam coming from Russia? Of course not, but then we saw this video and man, is this guy stupid. Beyond stupid. Perhaps even drunk. Get ready for nearly three minutes of watching this guy drive a totally destroyed Toyota Corolla through some snow-covered Russian roads. If it weren't for the man in the car taking the video saying so, we'd probably not even guess this moving hunk of junk was a Corolla.

It's clear its driver is drunk for two reasons: One, he's swerving and hitting snow banks and two, no sober person would ever consider getting behind the wheel of a car in the state this one is in. And to end the video appropriately, another driver manages to hit the gut-spilling Corolla at an intersection. Just another Russian day.

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