DFA: FJ Cruiser Sand Dune Jump Fail

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Sand dunes might make for awesome SUV jumping ramps, but they never guarantee a textbook landing.

Taking the award away from the dumb Russian f#@k who managed to overturn his cow-laden truck last week is this Saudia Arabian schmuck that decided it would be a good idea to try jumping a sand dune in his Toyota FJ Cruiser. When you live in a country where almost all the highways cross through sand dunes, the temptation to take your SUV off-road to try and get some sweet air must be pretty strong. Getting the truck airborne is the easy bit, though. Landing is another story.

Any good gymnast will tell you it's all about nailing the landing, and when you hit a sand dune at full pelt don't be surprised if you end up landing on your face.

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Thankfully, as seen in the second video, the Cruiser ended up back on its feet with no real damage done. Only a loss of face and this week's Dumb F**k Award.

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