DFA: Lada Driver Lucky to be Alive

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Ladas may not have the latest safety equipment, but this driver still managed to escape a nasty crash... in spite of himself.

Sometimes when you see a horrific car crash, your immediate thought is that it's all over for the parties involved. It's a terrible sight to see but unfortunately accidents do happen, and they can sometimes be quite grizzly... especially when it involves a car that doesn't exactly benefit from the latest developments in safety technology. The driver in this Russian-built Lada shouldn't be alive after his head-on collision with a semi-truck, but miraculously he is, and we hear his passenger is, too.

Changing lanes and passing other cars needs to be handled with skill and attention. This guy had neither, and nearly paid for his mistakes with his life and that of his passenger, but an accident like this could have ended much, much worse.

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