DFA: Pink Corsa Wrecks Aston DBS

Barbie takes aim at Bond in an accident that saw a pink Vauxhall Corsa write-off an Aston Martin DBS.

You’dimagine a gas station to be a relative safe haven from the raging roadusers in the UK. But that wasn’t the case for the unfortunate gentleman owner ofthe Aston Martin DBS that was described as a "write off" after a bizarreaccident involving a pathetic pink Vauxhall Corsa. The haplessmotorist was left shaken (if not a little stirred) as the pink-haired owner ofthe little pink runaround plowed into the side of his prized supercar after having lostcontrol upon leaving the gas station.

Speaking with a local paper the unnamed motorist said: "I was filling up and then I saw the car coming towards me. She drove out of the petrol station on to the roundabout, lost it, and came over the curb and came straight into the car. My car moved into the pump and bumped the pump off." No-one was injured in the accident but the luxury motor is now for the scrapyard. "It will be a write-off. They won’t fix that," said the Aston owner. Has a cheaper car ever wrecked a more expensive car than this? We sincerely hope not.

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