DFA: Plane Lands on SUV

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Plane meets SUV at a small airstrip in a collision that could have been much, much worse.

We're almost at a loss of words for this one. You'd think that if one is driving a car around or near a runway, they'd be on the lookout for the occasional plane that may just want to land in the vicinity. That's the whole point of runways - and stop signs. Or if you're the pilot of said plane, runway conditions are generally known to be preferable when there isn't a moving object, like a car, moving directly into your flight path. Well that's the case here as this small commuter plane attempts to land just as an SUV drives smack dab into its path.

The incident happened in Texas last weekend, and fortunately no one was seriously hurt despite the SUV's roof nearly being ripped off along with the plane's landing gear. It seems the lack of a clear stop sign next to the road was to blame, but this may go down as just a freak accident.

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