DFA: Russian Drifting Goes Wrong

Plenty of practice is needed in order to become good at drifting. This guy apparently still needs a few more lessons.

We’ll admit that drifting a car isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. It requires plenty of skill and practice in order to do it right. It’s also important not to damage your car or anybody else’s. For these Russian drifters doing their thing near the center of Moscow, everything seemed to be going well and without incident. The drifting itself wasn’t amazing but respectable nonetheless. Even those old Ladas look pretty good with their tires squealing. But then there just had to be that one guy to mess up and crash.

Amusingly enough, he actually manages to slide the rear of his car into a Lada. We're willing to bet there was more damage done to his black ride than to everyone's favorite Soviet-built car.

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