DFA: Skoda Rally Car Lands on a Roof

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The top of a garage is a good a place as any to land after a crash. As long as you survive to tell the tale.

Driver: "Seems we fell down." Co-driver: "We're on a roof." [Revs engine] Co-driver: "Leave it where it is, we're on a roof... Just leave it here." Driver: "Say...Say what?" Co-driver: "We're on the roof of a house." That's the conversation driver Juho Hanninen had with his co-driver after driving their Skoda rally car off the road and onto the roof of someone's garage over the weekend during the International Rally Challenge in San Remo, Italy.

Both drivers walked away from the accident unscathed and the building is still standing strong, albeit with a squashed roof. Check out the video to see how this unlikely event unfolded.

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