DFA: SLS AMG Flips into a Pond

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This is what happens when someone has too much money to spend on a car and not enough ability to drive it.

On the one hand, we could feel sorry for the disgraced owner of this totaled Mercedes SLS AMG. But on the other hand, this driver was clearly unworthy of owning a car as beautiful and capable as this. At the end of the day, rich people who can't drive will forever be a source of cheap but cringe-enducing entertainment. Today comes another example of just such an unfortunate instance of money divorced from skill. GT Spirit reports the driver of this SLS somehow lost control, hit a curb and ultimately flipped upside down into a pond.

The debacle took place in Liupanshui, China, and aside from the photos detailing the accident's aftermath, we wish there was at least one shot showing the driver crawling out through the window, since the gullwing doors naturally can't be opened when the car's on its roof, and the emergency charges to disengage it entirely from its hinges don't appear to have been activated.

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Source Credits: www.gtspirit.com

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