Diablo GT Chromed in Pink

Pink chrome and glitter do not belong on a Lamborghini Diablo GT.

Okay, so it’s obvious this Lamborghini Diablo GT is pink. That’s clearly not our first choice of colors, but since it’s a Diablo, we’d still be more than happy to have it sit in our garage. Then we heard the noise this thing makes and all is forgiven regarding its exterior color. So what if it’s wrapped in chrome pink and has neon lights and traces of glitter? It sounds absolutely incredible, partly thanks to it being fitted with a Power Craft exhaust system. The owner is from Japan where it’s supposedly not unusual to see supercars tuned like this.

Still, we could really do without the pink, and considering just 80 Diablo GTs were built in the first place, keeping it stock would be our preferred choice.

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