Did A Chevrolet Dealership Add $50K To The Price Of A Corvette Z06?

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Sadly things like this happen all the time for many high demand models.

Anyone in the market for a new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 could very likely end up paying a significant sum over the MSRP. That's really not a big surprise considering it's quite common for dealerships to charge a premium for high demand models. It's happened countless times before and the trend will continue. But now we're hearing of a Chevy dealership in Roseville, California that's supposedly charging an additional $49,995 over MSRP on a 2015 Z06.

BoostAddict originally made the discovery, but a check of the dealer's website doesn't show the higher pricing. The Z06 in question is a 3LZ trim model with an MSRP of $105,990. However, the dealership website only shows MSRP pricing for all of its Corvettes and not just the Z06. As of now the dealer hasn't commented on this report but at the same time it's doing nothing wrong. Automakers are completely aware its dealers are jacking up prices for rare and exclusive models. Sometimes this is even encouraged. The bottom line is that the MSRP is exactly what its name says: a suggested retail price, not necessarily the dealer's chosen price.

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