Did An Audi R8 Just Get The World's Most Expensive Speeding Ticket?


If not then this guy came damn close.

The BBC has reported on the odd saga of David Pickup and his Audi R8. Mr. Pickup was driving his Audi in Lloc, Flintshire (Wales), when he was clocked doing 101 mph. He reportedly asked officers to bump his speed down to 98 mph before eventually deciding to fight them in court. The speed limit was 70 mph, and to prove that Pickup broke it the prosecution rented an airfield and an Audi R8 to conduct their own test. Yup, the prosecution did all this.


The court ended up winning the case, as you might have suspected. In addition to the six points put on his license Pickup was ordered to pay the US equivalent of $17,413, the total cost of his fine and the money the prosecution spent on the test.

Source Credits: www.bbc.com

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