Did Ares Performance Turn The Lamborghini Huracan Into A True Raging Bull?


For owners looking for a more exclusive supercar.

If you’re one ofthe few people that thinks the Lamborghini Huracan doesn’t look orperform like a supercar, then you’ll be happy to hear that Ares Performance hasworked its magic on the baby Lambo. The Italian tuning company hasextracted another 39 hp from the Huracan’s howling 5.2-liter V10 for a total of 641 hp. The power bump comesfrom an ECU remap and a titanium sports exhaust system. These bring thesupercar’s 0 to 62 mph time down to three seconds flat and increasesthe top speed to 205 mph.

Along with the powermodifications there's an Ares Design body kit, whichincludes an aggressive front bumper, a redesigned rear bumper and protruding sideskirts. The supercar also benefits from five-spoke 20-and 21-inch (front/rear) forgedalloy wheels along with single surround exhaust tips. Ares Performance also added Nubuk and Napa leather onto the Huracan’s dashboard, sports steeringwheel and the supercar’s racing section seats. Milled aluminum shiftingpaddles and precious metals are found throughout the entire cabin and round out the interior. However, all ofthis extra performance and luxury comes at a steep price.

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While Ares Performance will sell interested buyers a Huracan with only the performance modifications, the complete package costs approximately $72,240, bringing car and package to $403,327. That’s a lot of money to make the Huracan more exclusive, but Ares Performance has made one of the best kits for the entry-level Lamborghini.