Did Balotelli Have The Best Excuse Ever For Speeding In A Ferrari?


The judge didn't seem to think so.

When it comes to creative reasons for speeding, we can think of a few good ones. "Sorry officer, I really need to go to the bathroom immediately!" or "Sorry officer, my wife is going into labor!" However, if you're a world-class soccer superstar you may think that you can get away with even more brilliant reasons for breaking the law. This is especially true in the case of Mario Balotelli. No stranger to the law, the Liverpool stiker has racked up a whopping 18 speeding fines between 2012 and 2013 alone.

In his most recent stint a few days ago, Balotelli was caught speeding at 109 mph in his red Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Mario's reason for going so fast on a public road? Balotelli's attorney stated that because the superstar's speedometer was in kilometers per hour instead of miles per hour that he had no idea how fast he was going. The court obviously wasn't buying it and slapped Balotelli with an £800 fine and 28 day driving ban.

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