Did Bentley Just Build The Most Pointless App Ever?


When will it end?

Just when you were beginning to think that the Apple Watch is just a huge waste of money, Bentley swooped in to save the day and simultaneously show us how the Bentayga SUV really is the vehicle that's perfect for this technological era. That's because the good ol' folks at Goodwood have engineered an app for the Apple Watch that should prove to be pretty damn cool for Bentayga owners and their prankster kids alike. Luckily, the app brings a useful function to the Apple Watch.

Using the Bentayga's bluetooth system, the app allows users to control the vehicle's seats, climate, and audio system. While it sounds stupid for anyone who plans to actually get behind the wheel, it makes sense for those who will be sitting behind a chauffeur. It seems like a great idea until you realize that Bentley offers an 8-inch touchscreen display in the back of the car that does the exactly the same thing except without the headache and eyesore of having a screen planted on your wrist. Admittedly our inner six-year-old thinks it would be fun to use the app to prank the chauffeur by adjusting their seat or changing the station without them knowing. And what kind of kids wear Apple Watches? The kind with parents that buy $200k SUVs.


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