Did BMW Do Enough To The M3 Jahre Edition To Justify Its High Price Tag?

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To be fair only 150 units will be built...but we'd have liked to see more done.

A short time ago BMW showed off the M3 Jahre Edition, a special edition celebrating the M3's 30th birthday. What does "Jahre" mean? Well in German, "30 Years M3" translates to "30 Jahre M3." The more you know. Anyway, when we last saw this car we learned quite a lot about it, such as the fact that it had a limited production run of only 500 models. Now we know that of those 500, 150 will be available to customers in the United States. We also now know that the only paint color on offer will be Macao Blue metallic.

There are actually two colors available, although Americans don't get to select Frozen Silver metallic, which is just fine with us. When it comes to price the manual will cost you $84,245. If you'd prefer a dual-clutch transmission that will set you back $87,145. The cheapest M3 Jahre is still $20,000 over the base model. Still, only 150 exist and you get that rare paint color in addition to a ton of special badges. Of course this model is no slouch with a power output of 444 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque courtesy of the installed M Competition Package, which also adds the Adaptive M suspension. There's more to this car, of course, but we don't think there's necessarily enough to make it special, aside from the badges and paint. For $20k extra we want to see a bit more.

But you already know the price or lack of unique features won't be issues for folks who want to get their hands on this car. No, the biggest problem will be availability, or lack thereof. Since only 150 M3 Jahre Editions will be available stateside you'll need to run to your nearest BMW dealer to place your order. Only select dealerships will be able to take orders, though, so you'd better hope your local dealership is one of the privileged few.

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