Did Carroll Shelby Lie About How Hard His Cars Accelerated?

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A modern test with an Alfa Romeo Giulia, Aston Martin DB11, and more is in order to save Shelby's good name.

This is a classic game invented by Carroll Shelby himself. The premise is one you've seen many times before, especially, as Autocar notes, on YouTube videos involving girls in bikinis and fast cars. It goes like this: the driver attaches a desirable sum of cash to the dashboard right in front of the passenger so that it sits there just out of reach, tantalizing them. Most importantly, the passenger cannot reach for the bill until the driver begins accelerating.

Carroll Shelby would apparently pull this stunt on his passengers to show off how fast his car could accelerate, attaching a $100 bill to the dash of his famously fast Shelby Cobra 427 as a bet that they can't get the money under full acceleration because the g force would push them back into their seat.

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On YouTube, the stunt is usually done using supercars or Toyota Supras modified to make over 1,000 horsepower, but Autocar's batch of cars is a bit different. The duo began with slower cars to see which performance point would render a £20 note unreachable. They began in a Renault Zoe, which hits 62 mph from standstill in over 13 seconds. Easy money, and the same goes for the second car in question, a Ford Fiesta ST200. Things get interesting when a diesel Bentley Bentayga with four-wheel drive traction gets thrown into the mix, and that's followed by the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and an Aston Martin DB11. The lesson here? Don't try this game unless you have a very fast car or a lot of money to give away.

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