Did Crashing Into A Panamera Save This Cyclist's Life?

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Well, it certainly created quite some havoc.

It isn't often that one can say that a collision saved a life. Certainly not when the accident in question includes a cyclist rolling down a hill out of control at 60 mph and a painful slam into a not-so-gentle Porsche Panamera. But according to spectators at the Guardsman Pass Tour of Utah, that Panamera may have actually saved 30-year-old Matt Brammeier, who'd apparently lost his brakes, from a much harsher finish. "All that is past this corner is a steep drop off with nothing but rocks and trees," one man reported.

Brammeier maintained multiple injuries and fractures but is thankfully in stable condition and expected to recover. Unfortunately, his wasn't the last accident in this incident. Check out the video to watch the mayhem unfold:

Source Credits: artofgears.com

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