Did Ford Just Issue A Recall For Almost 40,000 Cop Cars?

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Cops around the country could be losing their cars to Ford service techs.

Ford has announced a recall for 77,502 cars in the US, including the Flex, Taurus, Police Interceptor (based on the Taurus), Lincoln MKS and MKT. For the cop car the issue impacts all engines but for the other models it's limited to those equipped with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost unit, although all cars in the recall are MY 2013-2015. The issue is that the fuel pump control module could fail, causing a car to either not start or turn off altogether. The fix is per usual: A Ford dealer will inspect the part and replace it if needed at no cost.

This recall only caught our attention because of the cop cars that make up some of the 86,000 vehicles being recalled. Ford says that all Police Interceptors built between September 8th, 2011 and May 31st 2015 are part of the recall. Using sales figures pulled from Good Car Bad Car and a calculator, it appears that some 34,000 police cars may need to be brought in for inspection. This number is lower than the full total as Good Car Bad Car doesn't have stats for 2011. Could we be looking at as many as 40,000 cop cars under recall? Police car recalls are nothing new, but this is one of the largest ones we've seen in the last few years. Back in 2012 9,688 Dodge Charger cop cars were recalled for issues with overheating electrical parts.

Earlier this year GM recalled 6,280 Chevrolet Caprice Police Pursuit cars over fears that the electronic power steering wiring could corrode under heavy use. So far Ford says it is not aware of any accidents or injuries caused by faulty fuel pump control modules. While that's good news we're betting that cops around the country won't be too excited about losing their police cars to Ford techs for a few hours-or however long the check takes. Luckily these same cops can likely just grab the keys to a Ford Police Interceptor Utility like the one we unboxed and be all good to go.


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