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Did Ford Make The Wrong Decision About The New Focus?

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The sales figures are in.

The all-new Ford Focus (and eventual Focus ST) that America won't get is already a sales success. According to Ford Authority, 42,000 units of the latest Focus have been sold in Europe from when it went on sale at the beginning of last summer until November. The new ST-line, which is not quite ST hot hatch performance levels, made up over 40 percent of those sales, proving customers are willing to spend more for sportier features.

Unlike in the US with the outgoing generation, Euro buyers have two additional body styles to choose, aside from the five-door hatchback (the sedan was US-only), the wagon and the crossover-ish Active. There's also the Vignale luxury trim which, according to Ford, has also been a strong seller.

If you recall, Ford initially planned to sell just the new Focus Active in the US, but changed its made at almost the last minute due to higher than expected costs brought on by tariffs. Instead, America will soon get a Focus-based small unibody pickup truck and a so-called baby Bronco. In addition to the strong sales, the latest Focus has been the recipient of a number of awards from publications in countries including the UK, Germany, Austria, and Spain. Given all of the praise the entire new Focus lineup is receiving and the inevitable arrival of the next ST hot hatch, did Ford make a mistake by not bringing it to the US?

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Could the traditional car slow sales trend be just a temporary phenomenon with Ford finding itself in nearly the same position it was a decade ago? Anyone remember that? It was when gas prices suddenly surged and Ford relied mainly on gas guzzlers like trucks and SUVs for profit. Many wanted to downsize and Ford initially had little to offer. Two answers came shortly thereafter, the Fiesta in 2009 and the much-improved Focus in 2011. Today, the reverse is happening.