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Did Hyundai Just Screw BMW's M Division?

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In a completely non-sexual way, of course.

Automakers constantly hire executives away from each other. It’s been a common practice since the beginning of mass car manufacturing. Talented (and sometimes not) executives are lured away from their current employers by more money and the occasional opportunity to do even greater things. It’s how one makes their mark in this highly competitive industry. So who’s the latest individual to switch sides? That’d be a guy named Albert Biermann. You probably aren't familiar with the name, but we’re pretty sure you’re aware of his work.

Biermann previously served as chief engineer for the M performance division, and it’s just been announced he has left for – wait for it – Hyundai. He’ll be "in charge of developing high-performing vehicles and leading (research efforts on) performance, safety, durability, noise oscillation and system development," according to the South Korean brand. Biermann worked at BMW for over 30 years, and has been involved in every M car since the now iconic E30 M3. Starting this April he’ll also advise Hyundai on product strategy and marketing for the European market. Clearly Hyundai (and sister brand Kia) want to go upmarket by pushing performance cars. Hiring a guy of Biermann’s stature is a great way to get started.

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