Did Jaguar's F-Type Refresh Rob The Car Of Its Prettiest Feature?

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Refreshing pretty cars is as hard as giving plastic surgery to a model.

It's very hard to try and refresh a car that already looks great. As the old maxim goes, if it aint broke, don't fix it. Right? Unfortunately there is a long list of cars that were beautiful sales hits that later sunk after a refresh. That's part of the reason that Aston Martin had such a hard time making the successor to the DB9 and also why Lamborghini can go so long between debuting its flagship models. So when engineers at Jaguar sat down to try and give the F-Type a new face to bring it into the new era, they decided that only minor tweaks were necessary.

Our spy photographer caught the Jaguar F-Type doing some test laps around the Nurburgring in Germany while wearing some minor camouflage. From the looks of it, not much has changed and thankfully the car looks nothing like the rendering of its successor. New LED headlights make their way into the refresh in exchange for the air intakes on the front bumper, a cool-looking component that we wish would had stayed. The grille may also change its shape but hopefully not by much. New graphics on the rear lights will help them seem more in place with the new front LEDs while the rear bumper may get some slight aesthetic tweaks. Beauty is only surface deep though, so Jaguar focused on what's under the skin including the interior.

The most notable changes inside will be the navigation and infotainment that will migrate from the F-Pace to the F-Type. A higher quality dashboard is also said to make it to the F-Type, but more exciting than that will be the changes made to the sweet sounding engine. While they won't be drastic, expect the reworked motor to get a few extra MPGs and possibly knock a few tenths of a second off of the car's 0-60 mph acceleration time. Similar updates will be featured on the convertible, and both should see dealership lots and customer driveways in early 2017. We'll have to wait for the wraps to come off of the car to make sure that Jaguar didn't screw things up, but for now we have our fingers crossed that the camouflage is just covering the fender vents.

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