Did Japanese Tuners Already Ruin The New MX-5?

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For the record, we like it.

AutoExe is a Japanese tuning firm that specializes in Mazdas. That means it's already gotten hold of the new MX-5 and given the roadster a once-over. This is the end result: A Miata that sits lower and has a much more aggressive front-end. Up front the first thing you'll notice are the new air intakes and lights. There's also a new spoiler just hanging out. The roadster is lowered by 20 mm which should allow you to have even more fun when taking corners and there's a new wing because those look cool.

If you jack the MX-5 up you'll see its new muffler and underbody brace. Unfortunately AutoExe didn't do anything drastic under the hood. There's a new strut bar and…not much else. The new MX-5 looks pretty damn good without any help so it's for the best that AutoExe didn't go crazy like some other Japanese tuners we've seen.

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