Did Ken Block Make A Hardcore Impression On Kia's Designers?


Ok, maybe not. But maybe...

Snow tracks aren't new to us, but those around the world who weren't familiar with the contraptions likely got their first introduction to them when Ken Block made a few videos of his custom-built RaptorTrax. While Korean automaker Kia may not have drawn inspiration from Mr Block, its wild creation built in partnership with LUX Motorwerks looks remarkably similar. OK, sure the similarities end with the Dominator Rubber Tracks, but you can't help but think of other cars with them fitted.

The result of the aforementioned partnership is this, the Kia Sorento Ski Gondola, and it's really, really cool. In this guise, the normally docile Sorento is now capable of going just about anywhere it wants, with traversing snow and ice being akin to driving on an uneven gravel road. Hauling a group of skiing buddies to the top of a mountain won't even break a sweat. The Ski Gondola is also self-driving, which means the driver could keep his ski boots on for the journey, a journey in full luxury and refinement. Those Dominator Rubber Tracks, powdercoated in orange, make this Kia Sorento a true go-anywhere cold-weather machine, but there's more to it than that.

The Gondola features a custom metal roof rack to carry winter gear and bigger things (and people) can be loaded thanks to the now missing B-pillar and the rear doors opening suicide-style. The headlights have been painted black, silver and orange, and LED light bars were fitted for when visibility gets fuzzy. Inside the Gondola there's now custom door panels, dash and a center console housing a personalized tablet. Where possible, things have been covered in black and orange leather to compliment the exterior orange and PPG Silver Metallic paint. The Gondola's floor has been waterproofed, for obvious reasons. We'd definitely make great use of this concept in Aspen.

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