Did Lamborghini Make The Right Choice Not To Build The 910 HP Asterion?

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In favor of the Urus?

Back in September at the Paris Motor Show, Lamborghini managed to pull off an interesting surprise. Its Asterion concept was the first-ever hybrid Lamborghini supercar. And as we're now learning, it might be its last for the foreseeable future. However, it wasn't necessarily always going to be this way. Speaking to Autocar, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann had made it clear once again that the Asterion won't be reaching production.

That concept, however, did look roughly 90 percent production ready, and there was a reason for that. "It was built to show what we would do if the regulations forced us to have 30 miles of electric range as well as high-speed performance," stated Winkelmann. "Because of the weight of the batteries, we also took the opportunity to make the car bigger and roomier. We wanted to see customer reactions." So what were those reactions? Overall, they were quite solid. Lamborghini clients claimed "they were open to innovation, including hybrid technology, but only if it came with the benefit of added performance." The Asterion matched that criteria, but there was another concept that intrigued them even more: the Urus.

Lamborghini had the budgetary funds to build just one, and the Urus turned out to make the better business case. The Asterion project, as of now, is officially dead. Do you think this was the right decision to make? Would you have preferred to see a production Asterion instead of the Urus? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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