Did Lexus Just Create The Most Beautiful Hybrid Ever?

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The planet-saving version of the amazing LC Coupe is here.

Lexus stunned the world with the debut of the incredibly gorgeous LC 500 at last month's Detroit Auto Show. While we knew that the automaker would create more variants of the vehicle, we didn't know what those variants would be. Now we do. Lexus recently announced that it would be debuting a hybrid LC Coupe, which will be referred to as the LC 500h, at this year's Geneva Motor Show. Lexus hasn't released any other details on the car with the exception of its name and a few pictures.

Lexus, however, has stated that the LC 500h will utilize a new "Multi Stage Hybrid System." The automaker promises that the new Lexus LC 500h will have "enhanced driving pleasure, more performance and greater efficiency," thanks to the hybrid system. There's no word on what type of engine the LC 500h will utilize, but we'd like to see the 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 found in the LC 500, RC F and GS F. While a naturally aspirated V8 with extra power from a hybrid system sounds like a great thing, the LC 500h will most likely use a smaller engine. One thing's for sure, if Lexus really does make this look as good as the regular LC 500, it will be one of the prettiest hybrids in the world.

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