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Did Porsche Ruin The New 911 GT3 Because It's Lacking This?

Purists are still not happy.

This was perhaps one of the most controversial production decisions Porsche has made in some time. Not since Porsche switched from the air-cooled to the water-cooled flat-six in the 996 have brand enthusiasts been so up in arms about their beloved ass-engined sports car. The latest 911 GT3 is, once again, the hardcore driver’s choice. These owners spend their weekends at the track and they want a weapon that’ll satisfy their needs. But unlike the previous 997 GT3, the 991 GT3 lacks something these purists absolutely love: a manual gearbox.

In its place is the PDK dual-clutch transmission. There is no other option and Porsche has no plans to change this policy. Without that manual, is the new 911 GT3 lacking anything? Is it everything a Porsche GT car should be? Our friends at XCAR got behind the wheel for a little test drive to find out.

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