Did Somebody Really Give Their Ferrari FXX K This Insane Wrap?

Please be real. Please be real.

We’re going to hold off on calling this Ferrari FXX K wrap complete b.s. because we’d really, really like it to be real. That being said, it’s more likely this is a clever use of Photoshop than anything else. For starters, the FXX K is held by Ferrari, with owners only getting to drive it during special track events. That means you can’t exactly drive it down the street and slap a new wrap or coat of paint on it whenever the mood strikes you. It's also hard to believe Ferrari would let an FXX K like this be seen by the press or public.

Still, money can make a lot of things happen. When you’re dropping $3 million on a car you can’t even take home you might be able to get Ferrari to be lax on a few things. If this wrap is real then the next FXX K track day will be damn fun to watch.

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