Did Soulja Boy Really Buy A BMW i8 And A Rolls-Royce Ghost?

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Because you care.

So in case you care, rapper Soulja Boy, famous for the song "Crank That," has apparently just bought a brand new BMW i8 and a Rolls-Royce Ghost. We know this because he posted pictures of himself with his new rides on Instagram with the caption: "I had to cop this for my birthday #BMW #i8." However, we're taking the rapper's apparent purchases with a pinch of salt. According to what we understand, this guy has a reputation for faking big buys and posting about them on social media.

Soulja has been called out for actually renting the vehicles as a birthday treat for himself and not actually buying them. On the other hand, if we give this guy the benefit of the doubt, he would be the latest member to join the exclusive list of washed up rappers to own one of these new hybrid Bimmers. Bow Wow (formerly "Lil") was recently gifted an i8 by his model girlfriend Eric Mena, and Ja Rule also owns one. Having now enlightened you with this information we are certain that your life is forever changed for the best. But no need to thank us. That's what we're here for.

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