Did TechArt Ruin The Porsche Cayenne Or Make It Better?

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We recently saw the release of a brand new aftermarket aero kit and tuning upgrades for the Porsche Macan by German Tuner TechArt. The stunning body kit on the customized Macan is arguably the best looking kit that we have seen on the Porsche hi-po crossover. We are now privy to the release of new photographs of a gorgeous white Porsche Cayenne Turbo also bearing an awesome TechArt aero kit. The kit for the Cayenne was quietly released this summer and these pictures give an up close and detailed look of the vehicle.

What's really remarkable about TechArt's design upgrades to the facelifted Cayenne is that the vehicle already looked aggressive before being modified. The aftermarket body kit applied by the tuner really takes the look of the high-performance SUV to a whole new level. The car features a sporty hood wing, mean looking hood vents and is also neatly slammed on black five-spoke forged alloy wheels.

Source Credits: www.facebook.com

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