Did This 19-Year-Old Really Get Caught Doing 208 MPH In A 2011 Mustang?

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We're not saying this cop is lying, but...

If you want to do 208 mph in the US, there are few places you can go. One place you shouldn't go is the Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. That's where Oklahoma State Trooper Ryan Smith clocked 19-year-old Hector Fraire doing 208 mph in a Ford Mustang. According to Oklahoma City's KFOR, Fraire was first clocked doing 176 mph before Smith hit him again with the speed gun and saw that he broke the 200-mph barrier. The trooper hit his lights in an attempt to pull the teenager over. The teen of course tried to run, because teens are dumb.


During the chase Fraire turned off his lights to try and lose the trooper. He eventually wised up and stopped at a red light, dropping the keys out the window and onto the ground to show that he was giving up the fight. KFOR's report doesn't state what type of Mustang Fraire was driving or what year it was. Fox 25 Oklahoma City says it was a 2011, although it doesn't specify the type. We're guessing a V8 engine had to be under the hood. But could even the biggest Mustang V8 hit 176 mph, let alone 208 mph? Our guess is no. While we don't doubt Fraire was speeding the trooper's claims seem to be a bit exaggerated. We're not saying he's lying, just that the equipment he was using might need to be re-calibrated.

Note: Seen here is the 2011 Mustang GT 500, which may or may not be the Mustang Fraire was driving. If it was indeed the car involved in this incident it's likely there were some serious mods under the hood, at least $100,000 worth.


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