Did This 20-Year-Old Singer Ruin His BMW i8 By Wrapping It In Rust?


We certainly think so.

Celebrities just can't seem to leave well enough alone when it comes to cars. They're always trying to go the extra mile, customizing their already awesome rides so that they'll stand out on both the street and social media. Sometimes the custom jobs aren't all that bad, like when singer Austin Mahone (don't feel bad if you don't recognize the name) gave his BMW i8 a stunning wrap. But sometimes the custom jobs are awful, like when singer Austin Mahone decided to give his formerly awesome-looking BMW i8 a new wrap inspired by rust.

We've seen rust wraps before. Glasgow, Scotland's, Clyde Wraps went viral when it turned a modern Volkswagen Transporter T5 Sportline into a rusty bucket of crap in order to deter the city's car thieves. These two wraps look markedly different, though. Mahone's i8 almost doesn't even look like it's covered in faux rust, at least if you ask us. The look we're getting is almost wood grain, although upon closer inspection the hybrid sports car's body panels do appear to be covered in oxidized metal. Other than the new wrap it doesn't appear that this i8 has undergone further custom work. The gold wheels are the same as they were the last time and the gold accents were also present and accounted for when this car sported a satin candy red wrap.

We understand wanting to put your own stamp on a car, but the BMW i8 is a car that is stunning straight off the production line. Why ruin that with a questionable wrap?! That being said, things could always be worse. Mahone could have rolled out another i8 lowrider like the one seen at SEMA 2015. Photos by Metro Wrapz and @austinmahone on Instagram.

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