Did This Bugatti Veyron Just Do The Most Expensive Donuts Ever?

Those tires cost more than a new Mustang GT.

Well now, this is about the ultimate way to inject excitement into the work week. A lovely Veyron Vittesse owner decided to take a gentleman for some donuts. At $42,000 a set, these might be some of the more expensive donuts that only a French car designed by Germans and owned by a Dutch gent could muster. With all-wheel drive and 1,200 horsepower by way of a W16 engine with four turbos it is no surprise that the mighty Veyron can light up all four tires with considerable ease. The only thing stopping it from doing so is its owner.

The man sporting the Compton cap is "FIFA 2016" YouTuber Gonth. His reaction is how most of us would feel riding in a Veyron and making $42,000 worth of tire smoke. Kudos to the Veyron owner for driving it properly.

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